How to Change the Color of a Digital Stamp

Follow these easy directions to adjust the colors of our digital image files.

Adjusting the Hue and Saturation

Some of the Angels Landing digi-stamping images are provided in both black & white and color versions in the same download. The colored PNG and JPG files are easy to adjust for your own custom colors.

Adjusting Hue and Saturation for digital stamping images

The original PNG file for this Pierced Tag is orange. Using your image editing software, you can change the hue and saturation to customize it. This illustration shows the Hue/Saturation dialog box in Photoshop.

The controls in some image editing software will not look identical to these, but most are just as easy to use and will give similar results.

Adjusting Hue and Saturation for digi-stamping images

Drag the Hue slider to +100. Drag the Saturation slider to -60. The resulting color is green. You can experiment with different hues and saturations until you have matched your desired color, then click OK.

Be sure to save your file under a new name instead of overwriting the original PNG or JPG file.


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